Thursday, March 8, 2012

open doors

I hear so many Christians say they're pro-life. That they don't want young women to get abortions. That abortion is the most heinous thing that anyone can do. I would agree, in some aspects. I agree that abortion is terrible. But I have to wonder, just a little, what people actually do to help make the situation better.

Do they think that lobbying the government to make laws against it will stop it?

I predict that outlawing it will do just as much as posting a link about stopping Kony on Facebook.

Do they think that somehow telling the government it should stop will make young women magically have other options?

Yes, and we all eat rainbows and ride unicorns to work every day.

And so, without the government to help us, what is left? Why, simply what has always been here: people. People banded together for a purpose, people who know what they want to effect in the world and who will, come hell or high water, make it happen. People who are willing to look past the outer and see the inner. People who are willing to do what Jesus did and help people no matter their current position.

That is why my door will always be open to anyone who needs help and a listening ear. Who needs more help in our society than young women who have no one else to turn to, and helpless children that bear the brunt of societal pressures because of their origin?

I call for all those who claim the label of pro-life to do the same.

- Kyla Denae

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