Monday, February 20, 2012

o these emotions

I am not an emotional teenage girl.

Okay, now that I've shamelessly lied to all of you, I shall tell you the real, hard truth. I am, in fact, very emotional, and very much a teenage girl. Or at least, I was last time I checked. So hopefully that is still true, and if it isn't, we have problems. Anyway.

Lately, I've been on what can only be termed an emotional rollercoaster. Not really because of my life--that's been pretty normal and boring and everything else it usually is. So it's not because of normal things (you know, going through life changes, getting married, getting unmarried, that sort of thing), but rather because of...

Well, books.
And television.
And other nerdy things.

Wait, you thought this was going to be insightful and deep and challenging? Oh well.

My first moment of emotional chaos was halfway through The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green. It's a pretty good book (has some swearing sprinkled throughout, as well as some inappropriate material. It's all very fade-to-black though, but it's not, you know, a paragon of virtue and morals or anything), but...oh my word. My emotions. To use Tumblr jargon, it makes me feel all the things, and everything hurts.

And then I reached the most emotionally charged chapters in my book, Royalty. My main character must part from her true love, else bad things will ensue. Bad things will ensue anyway. But you know what I mean.

And then I suffered from a relapse of Reichenbach feelings as there was a spate of beautiful Sherlock graphics on Tumblr.

So, all in all, this past week has been very tumultuous for me. My emotions hate me, and I feel all the things. I wouldn't give up feeling those things, though. Because it's nice, in some twisted way. How has your week gone?

- Kyla Denae


Keaghan said...

Well, I don't have much to say except, "I know how you feel." :) I've had a rather emotionally-charged day myself, so...

And Sherlock. My goodness, Sherlock. It goes far beyond the typical "tugs at the heartstrings." It yanks, rips, prods, breaks, and stabs. And yet I can't wait to see Season 2. The characters. If I could write characters like

Listen to some sad, blue music, curl up with some comfort food, and let yourself bawl your eyes out. Sometimes that's the only cure for what Holly Golightly termed the "mean reds." :)

And yet, that said, I know what you mean about it being nice in a sort of twisted way. I think it's partly because every once in a while, we need to be reminded just how deeply we can feel.

Chin up!


Kyla Denae said...

I'm glad somebody understands, Keaghan. ^_^

It is nice to know that I am still capable of feeling those things, even if it isn't very comfortable at times.