Thursday, May 26, 2011

35 Days

سلام لكم في هذا اليوم

35 Days

The countdown has officially begun in earnest. In two weeks (13 days) I'll be going to Christian Youth In Action, a training program for teenagers that Child Evangelism Fellowship puts on every summer. Basically, I'll spend nine days with about forty of the craziest, yet most awesome people on the face of the planet.

The next week will most likely be dedicated to local ministry, then the weekend to packing and (trying) to relax before I head to LA, where I will be spending three days(ish) with Cassandra Noelle, my penpal and friend of two years.

On July 1rst, in exactly 35 days, I'll be heading to China for a month of loving on Chinese orphans, practicing English with students, and meeting Carissa, one of my teammates, who I've been talking to since December about the trip. We're totally pumped, and I can't wait.

God will provide, because he's awesome. And then he will bless our ministry in China. I am fully confident that great things will happen through us and for us as we go to China.

As for me, I can't wait. 35 days seems like a really long time. But I'm pretty sure it's going to be far too short a time. But that's okay.

(The above post was c/p'd from Polyvore, because I'm just that lazy. I just wanted to show off my set. And tell you all about that. 35 days!!!!)



Cassie said...

One month and two days until you're here!!! Eep! I can hardly wait!

Valary-Mac said...

Yeah! I finally find someone else that has a blog that also goes to CYIA! How many years have you been going? Where have you been going? I am also soooo excited for camp! This year we have 112 "kids" coming, and more boys than girls.
This is the one camp I find friends who have most deep Christian passions of all the "Christian" camps I've been to, and we actually do something with what we learn. Still, I'm always suprised at some of the theories of the other girls. Very refreshing to find another teen girl who is passionate on modesty, purity, courtship, and ministery!
Sincerely in Christ,
Valary-Mac (blog-name) <><

Liberty said...

*Jumps up and down* You're another CYIA'er!!! That makes me inexpressibly happy...

I go to CYIA in Texas...we have the most ridiculously awesome group ever, I swear. This will be my third year, which makes me an "advanced student", which sounds pretty snobbish, but isn't really. I guess. LOL We have a (much) smaller group...I think about 30-35 is our max, but we'll see how many come this year. :D

I love CYIA because of the atmosphere. You're right - everybody is so focused on Christ, on fulfilling what he has for us to's pretty awesome. So how many years have you been going?

Valary-Mac said...

This will be my forth year, as I started early. (does that make me some sort of senior? ;) I think this is an all-time record setter this year for attendees, as it varies a bit annually.
I know satan would have us think that us young evangelist are few and far between, but we are rising up in this generation! Thats exciting!
Sincerely in Christ,
Valary-Mac <><

Liberty said...

Haha I know a couple girls here who have been going for like...six years. They didn't go last year though, which was sort of sad.

And yes! People like us to think that there aren't many of us, but there are. I know it. :D