Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is God's Love

سلام لكم في هذا اليوم

This is God's love. It conquers the world.

That is the tail-end of a quote by Frederick Buechner, quoted in Crazy Love. What is God's love?

The love for equals is a human thing - of friend for friend, brother for brother. It is to love what is loving and lovely. The world smiles. The love for the less fortunate is a beautiful thing - the love for those who suffer, for those who are poor, the sick, the failures, the unlovely. This is compassion, and it touches the heart of the world. The love for the more fortunate is a rare thing - to love those who succeed where we fail, to rejoice without envy with those who rejoice, the love of the poor for the rich, of the black man for the white man. The world is always bewildered by its saints. And then there is the love for the enemy - love for the one who does not love you but mocks, threatens, and inflicts pain. The tortured's love for the torturer. This is God's love. It conquers the world.


Seriously, you have to read this book. Right now.



Joshua said...

I have read the book before, and I agree with you that it is absolutely profound. Francis does a remarkable job of showing us God's love. Great post!

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Emily Grace said...

"This is God's love. IT conquers the world." --awesome truth right there!
Hmmm, maybe I'll borrow a friends copy of that book...
Thanks for sharing. =)