Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Chat With Maerwen

سلام لكم في هذا اليوم
So...this was a thing on Facebook that several other writers were doing. You're supposed to write a short blurb with your favorite character from your stories, as if they were real. This was what I wrote. It isn't as good as Mirriam's, but I think it's pretty good.
I chose Maerwen because...I like Maerwen. She isn't my favorite character I've ever written, but she was the first one that came to mind, so...yeah. Enjoy. :D

I bite my lip and try to not to be completely frustrated that my characters aren't cooperating. Some people think that your characters don't have a mind of their own. I beg to differ. They're the most ridiculously independent things to ever be invented. I tap my pen against the paper, alternately glancing from it to the computer screen. Yes, I have them both open. It's how I roll.

"Just...write already." the voice of Maerwen comes from behind me. She's standing next to my bed, one hand gently laid on it, looking perfect and beautiful, and...yeah.

"Everything's written."

"Get editing then." she suggests with the cheery ease of somebody who doesn't have to do it - she just has to sit there and watch.

"You won't like it when I do."

Her smile freezes. "And why is that?"

I shrug. "Just because. You never know what I might do."

She comes closer, to lean over my chair and see what I have written. "Excellent. Throw Ionwe to Durion, I don't care."

"If Ionwe goes down, you're going with him." I say.

"No I won't." she insists. "He'll take Anarisia. He likes her better, anyway."

"Of course he does. They're falling in love."

"Pretty silly of them, if you ask me."

"Love isn't silly Maerwen."

"Sure it is. Just see if I ever fall in love."

A grin comes onto my face. She sees it. "What is that for? Stop it. I don't like it. What are you thinking?"

My hands go to my keyboard. "Watch and learn, Madame Pixie."
Haha. I don't think Maerwen is speaking to me anymore. Ah well.



Miss Rachel B said...

Kyla, you are so sweet! Thanks for flaunting the hope movement's button! :D <3 I am currently your #1 fan. hahaha

Cassie said...

:D This was fabulous (and I liked Mirriam's too).

Anyway, I don't have Facebook, but can I still join in the fun???

I wrote one of these a while ago (, but I want to write a new one with my Project Luna characters.

Love ya!

Liberty said...

Haha thanks Rachel! It is an amazing ministry - I love the whole concept. :D

Cassie- go right ahead m'dear. I'd love to see what you and your characters come up with! :D

Emily Grace said...

"Watch and learn, Madame Pixie." --haha! =D Love it, Liberty!
(kind of reminds me of the Inkheart trilogy--have you ever read it?)

Liberty said...

@Emily- YES! I love Inkheart, actually. :D I need to reread them. I guess I know what I'm getting at the library today...LOL And thank you. :D Maerwen always makes me laugh. :D (Ionwe is her brother, and he falls in love with my MC...yeah.)

Emily Grace said...

=D Yeah! Another Inkheart fan! ;) I actually just read them for the first time last month--I could not put them down. :D

Ah, that makes more sense now that I know that Ionwe is Maerwen's brother. =P by the way those are such unique names--I love them!

Liberty said...

Why thank you! :D I think they're actually Elvish names, even though they're not Elvish. It's a long story. :D