Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Going to Change the World...


So my best friend and missions partner, Chelsea Hughes, departed from Tulsa International Airport this morning to head to Los Angeles. From there, she will be flying with a team of other World Race missionaries to Bangkok, where she will embark on a bus and drive to Phu Ket, where she will be by Friday, Lord willing.

For those of you haven't heard of the World Race, it is an 11-month long missions adventure wherein the participants travel to 11 different countries, minister all over the world, make epic friendships, and have their hearts broken as they discover the needs of an equally broken world. Or so I've been told. You have to 21 to embark upon this journey, and as I'm only 16 (grr), understandably, I'm not going to be on it yet...yet.

*deep breath* I'm seriously trying to keep from crying right now, because I miss my Chels, but I'm just as jealous of her because I want to go too!!

But ah well. Pray for Chels this year as she travels over the world, and does her part to change it for Christ! :))


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