Monday, October 22, 2012

of hobbits and a revolution

Today I realized that The Hobbit comes out in fifty days. Now, that may not seem like an incredible happening to some of you, but I'm pretty excited. I've been waiting a long time for a rendition of Tolkien's smaller (and arguably less serious) book. I've never liked it quite as much as I liked Lord of the Rings, but I'm always up for another, fresh journey to Middle Earth, no matter who's taking me.

The film edition of Les Miserables (with Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman) comes out a couple weeks later, and my mom has promised to take me to see it (mostly because she didn't manage to get me over to our hometown's small theatre company's production of it). I'm quite excited about that one, too.

I read Les Miserables earlier this year, and adored it, utterly and completely. As I told a friend last night, it just gives me a lot of literary feelings. It has everything I love--religion, history, romance, adventure, believable character arcs, beautiful people, horrible people, and a little bit of the in between. It deals with the story of a character that I firmly believe is one of the most amazing to ever grace literature, an opinion that may change (but I really hope not, because I really love Jean Valjean)--a character that changes so beautifully, whose inner thoughts are so wonderfully illuminated through the events of his story--and it has another, albeit minor, character that is so wonderfully, purely Christian that it makes me smile just to think of it.

So I'm excited about that movie, too. Because I can't wait to see it, to see one of my favorite stories brought to life. Of course, that comes with the added clause that, if it stinks, I reserve full right to be very angry and rant to everyone I can about how horrible it was. But that's a whole other issue.

For now, I'm excited, for quite shallow reasons, about the next few months.

- Kyla Denae


Cassandra said...

Both movies come out on my birthday and I am crazy excited about it. :D Now the hard part is choosing which one to see first...

Love ya!

Essie DeWayne said...

Well, then I suppose I am shallow too. I can't wait to see both those movies!
I read the Hobbit when I was nine or so. It has always been my favorite of the entire Lord Of The rings story. :)
And Les Miserables! Can you believe I know a friend who doesn't know the story! Oh my....

Kyla Denae said...

Cassie, I still wish I could somehow contrive to be in LA on some day this winter so we could go see one or the other. That would be epic. But, alas...I am a poor college student.

Essie, yes. Les Miserables is amazing, The Hobbit just as amazing, and I can't wait. Let us be shallow together. xD