Wednesday, October 31, 2012

fourteen hours and counting

In fourteen hours, I will embark upon an epic marathon.

I will meet new characters
see new places
invent fantastical new turns of phrase
I will laugh
tear my heart out
dance around my room in pure happiness
go on song-finding expeditions when I think my writing stinks
think my writing stinks
think I'm brilliant and the next Shakespeare
I will find new friends
perhaps torture a few characters
kill a few more
let a few live in happiness
or something closely approximating happiness, anyway
in other words, in fourteen hours
NaNoWriMo 2012 begins.
let's do this thing.

- Kyla Denae


Cari said...

I think I'm stuck on the same songs over and over for NaNo - still using last year's playlist. :/ But I like the songs so much, I might just adapt it a little, instead of changing it completely. :)

So, my question for you, since you write so quickly... How fast do you type, and how much time do you spend each day on NaNo? I think it's cool that you finish so early.

Kyla Denae said...

On a good day, I've been known to write about 21 words per minute...which, in practical application, when I'm not trying too hard, translates into about 1,000 words every 15 minutes.

As to how much time I spend, it really depends upon what my schedule that day looks like. For instance, the first day of NaNoWriMo, I churned out over 5,000. Yesterday, I got barely 1,000, and that's only because I stayed up until midnight after working an eleven-hour shift at work. Today, I'm hoping to get at least three thousand done before I go to bed. So it just really depends.