Monday, October 3, 2011

And Summer 2012 Has Been Booked

If everything shapes up the way I'm hoping, I'll be leaving home the 6th of June, 2012, and except for a few days here and there, will be gone until the end of September, 2012. Why? Because I'm insane like that. Let me break it down for you.

Summer 2012, Dream Plans:
June 6th - leave home for Christian Youth In Action training sessions
June 9th - return home, put clothes through the was and pack for Romania
June 12th - depart for Romania
June 26th - return from Romania, put clothes through the wash and pack again
July 1rst - depart for Zambia, Africa
September 30th (or thereabouts) - return home, in time to start planning for a 2013 trip, hopefully to China.
The trip to Africa is still up in the air: God is really going to have to supply for that, because right now, it looks like it'll probably cost at least $3,000 or so just for my plane ticket. (Romania will cost substantially less, probably in the vicinity of $2,000.)

So. Please be in prayer. I'm going to be focusing on Romania, and I hope to be funded before too long, that way I can focus on helping my little sister, Emma, who is also going to be going to Romania. So far, I have a few fundraisers planned that I'll probably be doing, so we'll see how it goes! But since I will be focusing on Romania, that leaves Africa. So, what I'm doing is just praying. God knows my need far better than I do, and if it's his will for me to go to Africa, then go to Africa I will.

We'll see what happens in the next few months! Please be in prayer. :))

~Liberty (紫涵)


- Beth Maisano said...

Thanks for the prayers for my trip!! Looks like your summer is going to be pretty packed...I'll return the favor and keep you in my prayers as well. (My roommate spent this summer in Zambia, and is going back next year--she absolutely loved it.)

I hope and pray everything works out for you!


Carrie said...

My username is writing_maiden. I tried commenting a second ago, but I don't know if it went through, so here you go. I hope to do NaNoWriMo this year too, if I can think of something! I have an idea but don't know yet if I am going to do it. It seems sort of complicated and like it would take a bit of work, but then doesn't all writing? ;)