Monday, August 1, 2011

Things China Taught Me

سلام لكم في هذا اليوم
  1. It is, in fact, possible to pick up one grain of rice with chopsticks.
  2. If you're in China and you have white skin and a hair color besides black, you're practically a celebrity.
  3. This goes double if you're a white-skinned baby.
  4. When you see a western toilet for the first time in a month, a squeal is most definitely appropriate.
  5. Chinese people do not believe in elevators if the building is less than six floors tall. This is probably why most Chinese buildings are not more than six floors tall.
  6. Eating with your face two inches from your bowl isn't rude; it's the most efficient way to get food from your plate to your mouth when you're using chopsticks.
  7. There is a world of difference between American Chinese food and Chinese Chinese food.
  8. 16 hour plane flights can either be places of memory building or places of blessed sleep. Since the memories will mostly be of trying to go to sleep, it's best to find the "blessed" stage as fast as you can.
  9. When you go out on the roads as a pedestrian, expect to have to make a run for it...and still almost get run over.
  10. When you go out on the roads as a driver, expect to not be allowed to follow traffic laws.
  11. Learn to love tofu.
  12. Mattress? What is this strange thing of which you speak?
  13. Umbrellas are not just for when it's raining. The variety of uses you can put a good umbrella to are never-ending.
  14. The Chinese also, apparently, don't believe in dryers.
  15. It is wise to bring plenty of tissue with you. Even then, over the course of a month, you'll probably end up buying some. But no worries. It's very popular in China.
  16. If it looks like chicken, it probably isn't. If it's brown with some crumbly stuff on it...yeah, that's probably chicken.
There are more things I could put here, but I won't bore you. Just some of the stuff I learned on my trip.


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Abby Rogers said...

Wow, you went to China? How amazing! I love the chicken part :)