Saturday, July 30, 2011

China Pictures, part 1

Here are some pictures! I'm starting with the second camp, because most of my pictures from the first are on my phone, and I haven't yet gotten them switched over. So here, for your enjoyment, are pictures!
A little pagoda thing at NPU.
Allison, one of my teammates. She was quite thrilled at the prospect of free toilet paper.
Some of my teammates. We were taking a walk!
Alice and I. Alice was another member of the logistics team. She's wholly dedicated to God. It's beautiful. I love her. :D
My roommate, Carissa, owned a guitar, and thankfully had the foresight to bring it with her. Since we were living in the same room together the whole month, we were able to have some pretty epic worship sessions!
Our life group at the second camp. Or part of it, at least.
There's the whole life group! Summer is hiding in the corner behind Hu, but otherwise it's all of us. :D
Mickey, Helen, and Aileen.
Catherine. She was one of my co-coaches at the first camp.
Angela, one of our roommates, and I. We were a testimony to her. Still praying.
Mickey, my coach at the second camp. She was...crazy. But I love her anyway. :D
Gracie and I. She was a sweet girl, a member of the logistics staff for the camps.
Xi'an's ancient city wall, built I think in the Ming dynasty. I took notes. Which will be used in future stories.

Stairs down from the top.
My roomie, Carissa, in the airport McDonald's eating ice cream.
Papa Johns in China! It's a sit-down restaurant over there. After that, we went to Dairy Queen which was just next door, but sadly I didn't get a picture of that. I did eat an incredible cranberry cheesecake blizzard, however.

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