Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Month Ago Today....

A month ago today, I climbed onto a plane that took off in LA and landed in Amarillo. I met a young man in the airport who had just gotten back from a missions trip in India, and who was delighted to find someone who was willing to just sit around and read their Bible. (Yes, that was me, and I was reading the epistles of Paul I believe. Love Paul.)

I also met a young woman and her mother on the plane. We talked non-stop about books and missions and the mom's airsickness. She was deathly afraid of planes during turbulence...which was bad, because we hit some pretty crazy turbulence above Las Vegas. Jazmyne and I were glad God had pulled out a roller coaster for us; her mom wasn't so amused. Jazmyne wanted to go to the Philippines on a missions trip next year, but her mom was a bit wary of letting her go so far away. I got to talk to them and encourage Jazmyne.

There are so many little things about China that tend to slip my mind. Like about the old men and women who wandered the university campus, looking for a few plastic bottles that they could take to be recycled in exchange for a few yuan. Or the Chinese girls who brought me a Bible. Or the way some Chinese people put 'yeah' at the end of every sentence, or how they'd stop in the middle of a sentence to stare into space, searching for a word. Or the camp director's habit of speaking in this ridiculous, excited, Billy Mays' style voice.

If you ever go on a trip like that, remember to keep a very good journal.

~Liberty (紫涵)


Abby Rogers said...

Thanks for the tip, Liberty! I have such a porous memory, I would probably forget I even went on a trip if I didn't write it all down.


Argentia Krystofel said...

Hello! I found your blog via Cassie's (Inside My Mind). I really like your recent post on modesty (took the words out of my mouth) and I am super interested in traveling overseas one day, so found your posts on those experiences enjoyable, as well.

Plus, I happen to know Mirriam from Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden. I've met her in person at a friend's birthday party. Small world.