Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Dash of Randomness

سلام لكم في هذا اليوم
I now know how to make white chocolate-raspberry scones, thanks to Jordyn who directed my attention to this link. Seriously. Most. Amazing. Sweets. Ever. You think I'm joking. They are epic. They are the height of epic.

For now. Until I discover some new treat that's even better.

I'll just stick to my scones for the moment. :D

Last night, my youth group took an hour-long trip to go to a youth rally in a (sort of) neighboring town. After a bit of disappointment because the speaker we had been told would be attending wouldn't be (he preached at summer camp last year), we had tons of fun.

By the way: earnest junior highers being scared witless = most hilarious thing I've seen all month. And that's so mean. But it's true.

The speaker taught on how, even though we can feel as if we don't belong anywhere, and that God couldn't use us, he created us for a specific purpose. Because, after all, God uses the least, the littlest, and the last.

God uses those who think they're nobody compared to so-and-so. God uses those who believe that they are so low God can't use them.

God uses the littlest, those who believe they have no ability to offer God.

God uses the last, the ones who are willing to go behind others, to lift others up, to help others get ahead before themselves.


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