Thursday, September 27, 2012

loving jesus beyond all reason

sometimes, i just get to this place where i realize how truly amazing jesus actually is.
like, i know he's amazing.
i always know that.
but sometimes, i'll just be sitting there
listening to music
or reading
or studying
or in a lull at work
or about to drift off to sleep
and it'll hit me.

jesus died for me
God of the universe
outside of time
outside of space
possessor of all things

that God
he came to earth
and he was born as a baby
and he grew up like a mortal man
and then he died.

think about that.

just let it sink in.

God can't die.
no god can die.
even the greeks couldn't truly kill their gods.
the idea that gods of any form or fashion can die is a relatively newfangled fashion
arisen from the atheistic idea that there's nothing outside of us
that we are gods.

but this God did die
and he didn't just die because he thought it'd be interesting
he died for a purpose
for a reason
for a person
he died for you
he died for me
he died for the lost
the broken
the powerful
the needy
the unknown
the wealthy
the sick
the hopeless
the hopeful

God of the universe
the everlasting
came to an end.

that's not the end of the story, of course.
because what a dull story.
the good guy always wins
everybody knows that
as Satan rejoiced--his enemy dead--something was stirring
and a stone rolled away
the brilliance of a heavenly being made two soldiers fall over in a dead faint
and jesus came alive again.

his death saved us from the consequences of our sin
his resurrection freed us from the power of sin.
and it was all paid for.
and he did that for us.
even though we are what we are.
so sometimes, i get to this place where i realize how truly amazing jesus is.
and it just takes my breath away.
and i can't do anything but just sit, and think, and stare into space and marvel.
because i am loved beyond all reason
and i can't help but answer that love in kind.

- Kyla Denae

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