Thursday, September 6, 2012

adventures in the kitchen

so tonight I wanted to make something special.
well, I'd planned to make them.
but still.
I found this amazing recipe for stuffed cheese buns, loosely based on the ones Peeta makes in the Hunger Games trilogy.
and they looked deliriously scrumptious.
so I decided to make them.
and then I took pictures.
because, you know, I always forget to document the things I actually do around my house.
mostly because they're boring.
but making stuffed cheese buns, especially stuffed cheese buns that turned out so wonderful, seemed like a good occasion to actually show you all that I do, in fact, have skills around the house.

mm, flour.
I love making pictures in flour.
and taking pictures of flour.
I suppose flour is kind of like my own personal brand of fire.
you know how people stare into fire.
I stare into flour.
no, that is not weird.
and you can't convince me that it is.

kneading for ten minutes makes your arms sore.
I know.
because I did it.

I used mozzarella cubes for the middle.
I think I might use bigger cubes next time, stretch the dough a bit more thinly over them.
and then I might mix up the cheeses, too.
use some swiss in the middle.
maybe a couple with cheddar.
that way my family will be completely surprised at what kind of cheese they get.
we might also have a guessing game.
"which cheese is in this bun?
let's find out!"

I sprinkled a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella over the top.
again, I think I might change that up next time.
perhaps use mozzarella and swiss, as the writer of the original recipe suggested.
add some parmesan, since I forgot this time around.

mm, fresh out of the oven.

oozy gooey cheesy stuff

so yes.
I have skills.
also, you should totally make these cheese buns.
because they're delish.
especially with marinara sauce and meatballs, which was our main course.
except maybe you should also have with salad--
something that occurred to me (predictably) as soon as we were halfway through our meal.
good luck.

- Kyla Denae

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Cari said...

Wow, you cook???!!! Haha. Okay, maybe that wasn't entirely serious. ;)

Those look soooooo yummy! I might have to try those sometime.