Saturday, December 3, 2011

Post-NaNo Thoughts

Well, NaNoWrimo is finally over. Final word count was 74,000, a number that has increased to over 79,000 in the days since NaNo ended. I got a bit excited yesterday about my story. ^.^

I'm putting True on hold for a few weeks so I can wrap up Valiant. I'm currently building up to my big battle in that story, and since I'm going to be getting five free copies of a novel, I figure it might as well be Valiant. Who knows, maybe eventually, Valiant will be up for sale on Amazon!

Anyway. NaNoWriMo this year involved all the usual emotions: optimistic excitement, hope, absolute despair at my rubbish writing, second-guesses about my topic and plot (which isn't very original, it must be said), and then the frantic hurrying that always typifies NaNo. I didn't finish my novel, far from it; I'm pretty sure I have at least another 70k, and possibly even more after that because I'm not at all sure how I want to end--or when. Should be interesting. -.-

Next year, I'm going to be sure that I have a better plan. Or something.

~Liberty (紫涵)


Rachel said...

Now, are all of these books that you are writing kinda at the same time?

Liberty said...

@Rachel- yes. In fact, besides the two I posted about above, I've got "Royalty", which I'm writing online, and another story I began today called "Station". If you'd like to see some of my WIP's, they're on my Figment page.