Thursday, August 15, 2013

i did a thing

so, for a long while, i've quite wanted to cut all my hair off. i find long hair to be hot, and annoying, and i'm rubbish at fixing it up, so having short hair that would actually have to be fixed up in order to look nice will be a good thing for me.


i cut all my hair off.
well, i didn't personally.
the nice lady at the salon did.
but it's the same thing, really.

i went from this
 to this

and it's actually really incredibly awesome. my head has never felt this...light.

as a side-note, i'm not going to just waste all that hair. i'm going to be donating it to children with hair loss, so that some (un)lucky little lad or lass will get my incredibly heavy ginger hair to wear on their head. so yes.

- Kyla Denae

1 comment:

Siriana said...

You look fantastic! Short hair or long :D
But I totally understand the short hair high!